Why Ingenius

Here at InGenius we install outstanding systems and up-to-the-minute technology professionally. We know that choosing smart home technology and audio visual systems is not always an easy task especially with so many unfamiliar terms and phrases. At InGenius we spend as much time as it takes discussing your needs and wants face-to-face, we then translate this into a comprehensive proposal detailing the lifestyle and technical aspects of your smart home or home cinema installation. We are not geeky, we don't talk in riddles and although we understand the technical terms we don't expect you to - this is why we will explain everything in a language you will understand giving you the complete comfort you require when making such a considerable investment.

We take every one of our installations one step further, all our vision systems are professionally calibrated for contrast, brightness and true colour reproduction producing the most realistic viewing experience possible. Audio systems are perfectly balanced reproducing music and effects just as they were intended. Our operator interfaces or remote controls are genuinely intuitive and effortless to use for all the family.

We have outstanding relationships with the extensive manufacturers of high quality audio, vision and home automation products, this allows us to offer the premium solution based on your requirements.

We can control as much or as little of your project as you require; we are happy to interact with architects, interior designers and builders or we will manage the complete project in its entirety.

Here at InGenius we really do value your custom. We work on a simple business philosophy; when we deliver products and services that utterly delight and entertain you then you'll tell other people about InGenius.

Our obsession to provide unbeatable levels of personal service to our customers is matched by our dedication in searching out the finest products and equipment. We promise to provide the best advice for each scheme and guide you towards systems & products that will perfectly match your expectations in terms of performance, quality and budget. Our support team will expertly guide you through any issues regarding installation and answer any questions regarding operation, either pre or post installation. At InGenius we have absolute respect for your home and property.

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