Multi Room Audio

Personal media has become an important part of our lives... from having all your great music in one place such as the iPod or being able to watch your favourite TV show at a time and place to suit you, we now expect our media to be available when and where we want it.

The life of the discrete hi-fi in every room in the house is drawing to a close, thankfully the end of searching for the lost CD to fill the empty case or realising your favourite album is in the car is now upon us. Multi-Room Hi-Fi has arrived and it looks and sounds remarkable. Discreet controllers are flush-mounted in the wall from where you can select the tracks you want to play irrespective of where they are and what they are on within the home; The iPod could be in the wall mounted docking station in the kitchen or the CD may be in the player in the lounge but you can effortlessly call these up from any room and play whatever you want. Juke-Box style music servers can be installed to allow you to keep all your media in one place. Any room can be playing music from any source including the internet, or for that special dinner party you can send the same tunes throughout the entire house.

At InGenius we know how music should be; we only install systems that are straightforward and effortless to use, look terrific and crucially sound utterly outstanding.

If traditionally looking speakers have no place to go InGenius can expertly fit unobtrusive audiophile quality speakers within the ceiling, these can even be painted to conceal them from view. An alternative is the use of flush speakers that can be framed and wrapped just like a real canvas and even printed with your own photographs!

It's not just the rooms in the house that can be 'wired for sound'; for those lazy summer evenings you can bring all the fun outdoors with the installation of luxury waterproof speakers and subwoofers not only designed to blend into the surroundings but also to sound great too. Just add barbeque!

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