A good lighting scheme creates the ambience you desire whatever the time and whatever the mood. Specialist installations such as dedicated home-cinema rooms where the lighting can be controlled via the TV remote control to fully integrated whole-house systems where a single button on the way out of the door shuts down all the lights in the house can be easily and discreetly installed in your home. For added security the lighting can be controlled from anywhere in the world and will 'remember' how you lived in your home before you go on holiday and play it back while you are away!

It's more than just the technology... at InGenius we know how to place light and shadow exactly where needed. A distinguishing installation involves much more than just visibility, the created shadows are as important as the areas illuminated. We appreciate that every interior is unique; therefore we design and install each lighting system specifically to the room design, the intended purpose and of course you the customer.

InGenius take energy efficiency seriously; poorly designed lighting schemes that provide too much light are wasteful and in this world of rising energy costs and environmental awareness this is especially important. A quality lighting installation from InGenius not only looks remarkable but can also save energy too, benefitting the planet and saving you money.

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