Intelligent Homes

The smart house where lights come on automatically, where each room has the perfect environment and where all the technology is integrated seamlessly and invisibly is no longer the subject of fantasy films or the extravagant super-rich. The convenience, security, and pleasure the smart-home brings is fast-becoming an essential requirement.

We are so accustomed to our cars being comfortable & ingenious, indeed this ingenuity is the first thing the salesman tells you at the dealers when trying to sell you a new model - but we rarely apply this philosophy into our homes. A smart home really does give you straightforward and practical control of your way of life - giving you more time to enjoy the things you do.

Accomplished environmental controls make sure your home is just as you like it, the lighting can be programmed to welcome you as you arrive home from work or to automatically dim down to create the perfect ambience when you start watching a movie, it can even remember how you and your family live in your home before you go on holiday and play it back while you are away. Heating and ventilation controls ensure the most comfortable temperature environments whatever the room and whatever the weather outside, these can be set to work around you for different occasions or different times of the day not only providing maximum flexibility but also saving energy too. The opening and closing of curtains and blinds can be incorporated for added convenience and security. The alarm system can telephone or text you to let you know there is a problem and the digital recordings can be viewed anywhere in the world. Even the intercom at the foot of the drive can be patched through to your mobile telephone to give any personal caller the impression you are at home even though you could be at the other side of the world. All the distinct technologies are designed and installed to work in complete harmony around your home. So when the telephone rings or the intercom is operated the music is automatically muted or when the meeting has overrun at the office the home automatically goes into evening security mode and turns on the lights and closes the curtains.

The key for the successfully integrated home is planning... InGenius will introduce the best technology for your wishes without over complicating things. The technology is fully integrated into your surroundings, out of sight and mind and effortlessly controlled through simple touch-screens or remote controls around the home, giving you complete and effortless control of your environment.

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