Home Cinema

The age of high-definition vision has arrived and it looks and sounds superb. This is the great revolution in television and broadcasting, even greater than the change from good old black & white, but be warned - once you have experienced it for yourself you will never want to return. The detail is immense with over 2 million pixels creating the image and colours, perfectly natural and true; in addition the latest multi-channel surround sound tracks are reproduced in higher quality than your genuine CD's. Films are breath-taking and become so realistic you forget where you are, when watching your football team you become part of the crowd getting a better view than the referee, of course playing games on the PlayStation 3 or X-Box in HD and surround sound is astounding - but watch out behind you!

Nothing beats a dedicated home-cinema room for getting you totally immersed in the latest release and InGenius know a thing or two about great home cinema.

Using the latest high-definition projector technology and surround sound processing we create true engagement with the film; better than anything you see or hear in the cinema. Our systems are expertly calibrated specifically for your distinctive room to ensure each and every seat is the 'best seat in the house'. Through the intuitive remote control you can simply press a single button to close the blinds, dim the lights and start your favourite movie in terrific high-definition sound and vision.

For homes where space is at a premium or the furnishing styles cannot be unbalanced InGenius can install fantastic inconspicuous technology such as wide-screens that raise up out of the furniture liken to a James Bond movie, projectors and screens that automatically 'drop down' from the ceiling when a DVD is played and wall-mounted speakers that sound great but take up no more room than an ordinary picture; they can even include a print of your own artwork!

The big motion picture houses of Hollywood spend millions of pounds on special effects; at InGenius we make sure this money does not go to waste, you can enjoy great films and TV just as the director intended.

InGenius will fulfil all your vision requirements

Outstanding dedicated Home-Cinema rooms with multi-surround audio and scene lighting to really make you feel like you are at the movies.

Projector and plasma or LCD screen installation including complete calibration for true-to-life colour reproduction.

Multi-media distribution to display all your video content from the holiday photographs to SKY HD in any room of the house.

Surround sound home-cinema and multi-room audio & vision incorporated into your existing living spaces unobtrusively.

Watch the soaps while you are with the soaps...waterproof bathroom video and TV.

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