Audio Visual

Audio-Visual is a generic term used to describe a multitude of technologies that include a sound (usually music) or visual (usually video) element in combination. Here at InGenius we take sounds and pictures very seriously, whatever the size or budget. InGenius install audio-visual systems with one objective - to look and sound the best they possibly can - and we don't compromise on any aspect.

If it is a simple video distribution project or a complete server-based multi-room audio and video system InGenius has one goal in mind - to create a scheme that will truly delight all who use it and enhance your lifestyle at the same time.

Home cinema systems
Stylish home cinema systems delivering better results than a trip to your local multiplex. An unforgettable viewing experience time after time and delivering complete engagement between you and your favourite movie.

Distributed music systems
Let all your family play their favourite music independently in any room, be it from the CD's in lounge, MP3's from the iPod or even hundreds of internet radio stations, all in true audiophile quality.

Multi-room vision
Multi-room video distribution or the installation of dedicated audio-visual servers storing all your favourite movies and tunes to play at any time.

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